Daycare Facility​

Paws at Play in an indoor/outdoor daycare facility, which means that our dogs have open access outside rain or shine.

The indoor playroom is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer, providing a shady, temperature controlled area for dogs to warm up or cool down while playing.
From the playroom, the dogs may exit the building onto the deck, which provides more play space, sun to lay in, and an awning for shade. The deck has an extra wide staircase leading down to our play yards so that the dogs can all run down together.

​We have two seperate play yards for the dogs to play in. We normally use one at a time and rotate for cleaning. The yards are filled with sand, which is the easiest to clean and more fun to play in. If you bring your puppy on a rainy day then expect one dirty puppy!

We also have a "Small Dog Room" which includes a similar indoor play area with beds and blankets for them to cuddle with (as long as there are no chewers). They also have open access to a smaller outdoor area. This area has astroturf instead of sand, which is easier to clean for the smaller space.